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An update:

"ADVENTURELAND", the new record from THE JUNIOR LEAGUE, is out in August. The record was recorded in earlier this year and features contributions from Liam Catchings (The Jolly Racket) on keyboards, Tammy Ealom (Dressy Bessy) on vocals, and Jason Wacha (The Roebucks NYC) on vocals. I remember when I was younger, the Gravitron and all those great rides at amusement parks would  blast rock while you were getting jostled around on a rickety ride. This record is one to head to the amusement park with. Play LOUD.


In other news, just got done spending two weeks playing with the Minus 5 supporting the excellent "Stroke Manor" lp. It was fantastic to be with Scott and play those wonderful songs, and it was equally fantastic being among friends playing rock and roll and having a great time for a couple of weeks. Scott has more dates out west this August, and YOU NEED TO GO. He is on fire!

Also, I have YET ANOTHER record in the works that I hope to have out early next year .It will DEFINITELY NOT be one to listen to at the Amusement park, hahahahah.

OK, stay tuned. New stuff coming atcha soon!


2019: New Record, new shows, etc


Hey All,

I've been a bit quiet on here but that is because I have been busy working on the new Junior League record, which will be called "ADVENTURELAND" and out later this year. I don't want to say too much yet, as things can change, but the record seems to be a bit more rocking in places than the last one thus far--a bit more on the Also Rans/Catchy side of things. I also want to mention the newest release from my friend Scott McCaughey and the Minus 5, "STROKE MANOR", which includes an amazing collection of excellent songs. It had an early release for RSD, but will be out for general release. I was thrilled to play on it, and I cannot stress enough how fantastic Scott's songs are on this lp (or on ANY of his records!!!)

New dates are coming, and a new single should be out sometime late Spring if I get it together in time :)

Stay tuned for more info--I gotta get back and finish this lp!!


Happy New Year


Hi everyone

thank you so much for all of you who bought and listened to EVENTUALLY IS NOW. I am very proud of the record, and am grateful for your support. I am also grateful for the help I received from my friends in recording it: Scott McCaughey, Micheal Giblin, Deni Bonet, Matt LeMay, and JJ Murphy. Also a big thanks to my friends who helped me play live shows this year: Lee Barbier, Liam Catchings, Philip Mann, Keith Simoneaux, Casey Neill, Josh Kantor, Michael Giblin, and DC Harbold. 

Next year will bring more shows--in particular, two shows right after my birthday with my dear friend (and Minus 5 bandmate) Casey Neill in Baton Rouge and New Orleans; there will also be new music from The Junior League, as well as records I had the great fortune to play on (that are really, really great!).

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2019, and see you soon!

Spring is in the Air, and Eventually is Now.


Hey All,


So, EVENTUALLY IS NOW, the new JL record, is out there and ready to be taken in.....very proud of it--and very proud to have my friends Scott McCaughey, Deni Bonet, Matthew LeMay, Michael Giblin, and JJ Murphy involved in it's creation. 


The JL is thrilled to play The Yard Dog party in Austin Texas on March 17, 2018--I will also be playing drums for my friend Casey Neill on the same bill, which includes friends and forces of nature Dressy Bessy! It's gonna be a great time with great folks and I am thrilled to be part of it. 

More dates are coming, and perhaps more music this space. In the interim, enjoy the new record and tell a friend!



Some news for you:

There will be a third and final Junior League show for 2017 on December 8 at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans. Joe will be pulling double duty, also playing with The Gentleman Commoners on drums. There will be a few new songs performed. Speaking of which....The new record, "EVENTUALLY IS NOW", is being mastered and artwork finalized. It comes out in January. The record was produced by myself with Scott McCaughey providing a ton of help, adding his amazing talent to the lp. He is, simply, the best. Speaking of Scott.....the new Minus 5 lp, "DEAR DECEMBER", comes out on vinyl for Record Store Day (complete with advent calendar!) and on general release December 1. Joe appears on the record playing drums, and some other stuff......Scott McCaughey's songs are, as usual,, a portion of the proceeds from the record will go toward Scott's medical costs (see earlier post) so even MORE reason to buy!

and a reminder:

also, you can write to him and send him good wishes here:

Scott McCaughey

PO BOX 11500

Portland, Oregon


Happy holidays! See you soon.......

HELP McOI! not yet, but soon!


IT's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I've been busy busy busy making another JL record, which will come out early next year. It's called Eventually Is Now, and I think it's pretty good--of course, I would say that, wouldn't I?? Usually suspects along for the ride, including but not limited to Scott McOi, Deni Bonet, Mike Giblin, Matt LeMay.........all of whom make my life better in a multitude of ways. New single may appear sooner rather than later, and I will keep you abreast here as soon as it does. 

Trick or treat? We'll see. 

Happy Rocktober. Cheesy, I know, but I sort of love the word "Rocktober". 




I love Nancy and Jim DeVito. This probably sounds somewhat hyperbolic, but here goes anyway: Jim Devito is the George Martin of St. Augustine, Florida. He is also the Geoff Emerick, Glyn Johns, Andrew Loog Oldham, Brian Epstein, Tommy Tedesco, and Paul Kossoff of St. Augustine (Jim will particularly like the Kossoff reference as I know how he loves Free). Jim, for as long as I have known him (and it’s been over 22 years now), has fulfilled an enormous amount of vital roles in his capacity as the proprietor of Retrophonics Sound that would take a book to explain(and one that I would read, gladly). In my experience alone, he has acted as producer, engineer, performer, publicist, agent, benefactor, and manager; that said, his most important role has been friend. Jim, along with the equally wonderful and incredibly strong Nancy, has been family to me—hell, they have been family to everyone they’ve worked with. When Hurricane Matthew hit St. Augustine, it was devastating to the community of St. Augustine, and Retrophonics Studio was not spared. Tony has put together a wonderful video extolling the virtues of The DeVitos and of the massive importance Retrophonics Studio has been to many of us that worked there. As part of the go fund me campaign, we put together a compilation that is but a small collection of tracks that exist because of the opportunity that working with Jim has provided and, with your help, will continue to provide for years to come.

Thank you, and happy holidays to all of you!




Guys, the Posies show that the Junior League is opening will now be a benefit for flood relief. In addition, Susan Cowsill will be there as a special guest of The Posies (and you may recall Susan has sung on a couple of JL tracks as well!) The link is below with all the pertinent information. We hope you will come.

NYC, recording, and more.....


Lots going on of late......

headed to NYC to play two shows: one at the bowery electric (map room), which will be a solo-ish acoustic set and one at rock wood music hall (which will be full on electric with help from jj murphy on drums, mike dudolevitch on guitar, and my minus 5 bandmate mike giblin on bass). looking forward to playing in the land of my birth......

also at least halfway through another JL record that I hope to have out next summer or so........coming along nicely!

one last bit of info....

the new Minus 5 lp, "Of Monkees and Men", comes out on Yep Roc August 19. I play drums (and some bass and guitar) on the "Monkees" side of the lp, and was absolutely thrilled to be part of it as I love both the Monkees and Scott McCaughey.  See the Facebook JL page for links to buy tickets for the NYC shows! Come out if you're up there!






New JL recording, New Minus 5


Hello all,

hard at it on a new JL record. Looking like a 14 song collection this time--a variety of songs of the 2 min-4 min type (I've not gone prog or anything yet). Have had much appreciated help from Deni Bonet, Boz Boorer, JJ Murphy and Scott McCaughey, who incidentally has just put out a new collection, Dungeon Golds, The lp features remixed/different versions of some of the material from last years epic Scott The Hoople in the Dungeon of Horrors set. Most of the usual suspects are on it (including me warbling along with Scott) and its available now through all your fave music dispensaries. It's, as with everything Scott does, fantastic. 




Loads of fun to be had on the three dates the Minus 5 played opening for Jeff Tweedy and his phenomenal group. I was quite happy to once again play drums with my friends Scott, Mike and make a new friend in Casey Neill. The Tweedy crew were extraordinarily nice and it was an absolutely pleasure to do those shows. Special thank you to Spencer Tweedy for letting me use his kit--and i'm telling you, he is a fantastic drummer. If you get the chance to see him play, do it--he has a great style and is impressive on the traps. Super nice to boot. I felt so fortunate to see so many friends in the last few days--the planets aligned just right and I was able to see people I care about that I haven't seen in sometime, or at best don't get to see often enough. Fantastic.


Of course, now it's back to the JL. Recently had a show at dba that went very well, especially considering that the line up for the show fluctuated greatly in the days leading up to it! Still, Lee, Casey and Keith (with an assist from DC) performed admirably and we had a great night. 

In the process of writing and recording new stuff, although it won't be out for sometime. Gonna take my time with this one. More news on it as it gets clearer, but I can tell you there will be exciting things to talk about sometime soon. Keep yer eyes peeled.....


St. Louis and other fun things…..


Spent an enjoyable weekend playing drums in the Minus 5 for RSD and the release of the new lp, "Scott The Hoople and the Dungeon of Horror". I was thrilled to play on a number of the tracks, and it was great fun to see Scott, John and Mike. BTW, John has a new Tripwires record coming soon and Mike's group The Split Squad has a new record out (produced by Scott)--check those out!

Speaking of new records, I'm halfway through another JL record, even though You Should Be Happy is still making the rounds--more news as it becomes printable….

More shows coming soon as well, so watch this space….

In the interim, here's a video of us playing The Split Squad's Superman Says from last weekend in St. Louis followed by one of the tracks I played on for "Scott The Hoople", a song about one of my favorites: Micky Dolenz



  • January 17, 2020
    Carnaval Lounge, New Orleans, Loisiana


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