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2019: New Record, new shows, etc

Hey All,

I've been a bit quiet on here but that is because I have been busy working on the new Junior League record, which will be called "ADVENTURELAND" and out later this year. I don't want to say too much yet, as things can change, but the record seems to be a bit more rocking in places than the last one thus far--a bit more on the Also Rans/Catchy side of things. I also want to mention the newest release from my friend Scott McCaughey and the Minus 5, "STROKE MANOR", which includes an amazing collection of excellent songs. It had an early release for RSD, but will be out for general release. I was thrilled to play on it, and I cannot stress enough how fantastic Scott's songs are on this lp (or on ANY of his records!!!)

New dates are coming, and a new single should be out sometime late Spring if I get it together in time :)

Stay tuned for more info--I gotta get back and finish this lp!!



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