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An update:

"ADVENTURELAND", the new record from THE JUNIOR LEAGUE, is out in August. The record was recorded in earlier this year and features contributions from Liam Catchings (The Jolly Racket) on keyboards, Tammy Ealom (Dressy Bessy) on vocals, and Jason Wacha (The Roebucks NYC) on vocals. I remember when I was younger, the Gravitron and all those great rides at amusement parks would  blast rock while you were getting jostled around on a rickety ride. This record is one to head to the amusement park with. Play LOUD.


In other news, just got done spending two weeks playing with the Minus 5 supporting the excellent "Stroke Manor" lp. It was fantastic to be with Scott and play those wonderful songs, and it was equally fantastic being among friends playing rock and roll and having a great time for a couple of weeks. Scott has more dates out west this August, and YOU NEED TO GO. He is on fire!

Also, I have YET ANOTHER record in the works that I hope to have out early next year .It will DEFINITELY NOT be one to listen to at the Amusement park, hahahahah.

OK, stay tuned. New stuff coming atcha soon!



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