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Loads of fun to be had on the three dates the Minus 5 played opening for Jeff Tweedy and his phenomenal group. I was quite happy to once again play drums with my friends Scott, Mike and make a new friend in Casey Neill. The Tweedy crew were extraordinarily nice and it was an absolutely pleasure to do those shows. Special thank you to Spencer Tweedy for letting me use his kit--and i'm telling you, he is a fantastic drummer. If you get the chance to see him play, do it--he has a great style and is impressive on the traps. Super nice to boot. I felt so fortunate to see so many friends in the last few days--the planets aligned just right and I was able to see people I care about that I haven't seen in sometime, or at best don't get to see often enough. Fantastic.


Of course, now it's back to the JL. Recently had a show at dba that went very well, especially considering that the line up for the show fluctuated greatly in the days leading up to it! Still, Lee, Casey and Keith (with an assist from DC) performed admirably and we had a great night. 

In the process of writing and recording new stuff, although it won't be out for sometime. Gonna take my time with this one. More news on it as it gets clearer, but I can tell you there will be exciting things to talk about sometime soon. Keep yer eyes peeled.....



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