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I love Nancy and Jim DeVito. This probably sounds somewhat hyperbolic, but here goes anyway: Jim Devito is the George Martin of St. Augustine, Florida. He is also the Geoff Emerick, Glyn Johns, Andrew Loog Oldham, Brian Epstein, Tommy Tedesco, and Paul Kossoff of St. Augustine (Jim will particularly like the Kossoff reference as I know how he loves Free). Jim, for as long as I have known him (and it’s been over 22 years now), has fulfilled an enormous amount of vital roles in his capacity as the proprietor of Retrophonics Sound that would take a book to explain(and one that I would read, gladly). In my experience alone, he has acted as producer, engineer, performer, publicist, agent, benefactor, and manager; that said, his most important role has been friend. Jim, along with the equally wonderful and incredibly strong Nancy, has been family to me—hell, they have been family to everyone they’ve worked with. When Hurricane Matthew hit St. Augustine, it was devastating to the community of St. Augustine, and Retrophonics Studio was not spared. Tony has put together a wonderful video extolling the virtues of The DeVitos and of the massive importance Retrophonics Studio has been to many of us that worked there. As part of the go fund me campaign, we put together a compilation that is but a small collection of tracks that exist because of the opportunity that working with Jim has provided and, with your help, will continue to provide for years to come.

Thank you, and happy holidays to all of you!



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