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Happy New Year

Hi everyone

thank you so much for all of you who bought and listened to EVENTUALLY IS NOW. I am very proud of the record, and am grateful for your support. I am also grateful for the help I received from my friends in recording it: Scott McCaughey, Micheal Giblin, Deni Bonet, Matt LeMay, and JJ Murphy. Also a big thanks to my friends who helped me play live shows this year: Lee Barbier, Liam Catchings, Philip Mann, Keith Simoneaux, Casey Neill, Josh Kantor, Michael Giblin, and DC Harbold. 

Next year will bring more shows--in particular, two shows right after my birthday with my dear friend (and Minus 5 bandmate) Casey Neill in Baton Rouge and New Orleans; there will also be new music from The Junior League, as well as records I had the great fortune to play on (that are really, really great!).

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2019, and see you soon!


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