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Guys, the Posies show that the Junior League is opening will now be a benefit for flood relief. In addition, Susan Cowsill will be there as a special guest of The Posies (and you may recall Susan has sung on a couple of JL tracks as well!) The link is below with all the pertinent information. We hope you will come.

In other news, the new Minus 5 lp, "Of Monkees and Men", is out NOW. The album includes contributions from Joe on the "Monkees" side of the lp, and includes the same excellent writing and playing you expect from our pal Scott McCaughey. Here is the link to purchase/listen:

Finally, the newest Junior League single, "The Stars In Our Eyes" (which features contributions from the aforementioned Mr. McOi) has been premiered on Huffington Post. Check it out here:


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