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St. Louis and other fun things…..

Spent an enjoyable weekend playing drums in the Minus 5 for RSD and the release of the new lp, "Scott The Hoople and the Dungeon of Horror". I was thrilled to play on a number of the tracks, and it was great fun to see Scott, John and Mike. BTW, John has a new Tripwires record coming soon and Mike's group The Split Squad has a new record out (produced by Scott)--check those out!

Speaking of new records, I'm halfway through another JL record, even though You Should Be Happy is still making the rounds--more news as it becomes printable….

More shows coming soon as well, so watch this space….

In the interim, here's a video of us playing The Split Squad's Superman Says from last weekend in St. Louis. It is followed by a  track I played on for "Scott The Hoople" about one of my favorites: Micky Dolenz!



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