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Some news for you:

There will be a third and final Junior League show for 2017 on December 8 at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans. Joe will be pulling double duty, also playing with The Gentleman Commoners on drums. There will be a few new songs performed. Speaking of which....The new record, "EVENTUALLY IS NOW", is being mastered and artwork finalized. It comes out in January. The record was produced by myself with Scott McCaughey providing a ton of help, adding his amazing talent to the lp. He is, simply, the best. Speaking of Scott.....the new Minus 5 lp, "DEAR DECEMBER", comes out on vinyl for Record Store Day (complete with advent calendar!) and on general release December 1. Joe appears on the record playing drums, and some other stuff......Scott McCaughey's songs are, as usual,, a portion of the proceeds from the record will go toward Scott's medical costs (see earlier post) so even MORE reason to buy!

and a reminder:

also, you can write to him and send him good wishes here:

Scott McCaughey

PO BOX 11500

Portland, Oregon


Happy holidays! See you soon.......


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