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by The Junior League

Released 2019
Greenleaves Sound Recordings / Kool Kat Musik
Released 2019
Greenleaves Sound Recordings / Kool Kat Musik
The Junior League, the name used by songwriter/musician Joe Adragna, is back with "Adventureland", his seventh release (not counting the 2014 compilation "This is the Sound Of The Junior League"). "Adventureland" is a 10 song blast of pop rock!
The Junior League is the name under which singer/songwriter/ performer Joe Adragna works. He is usually accompanied by various friends in various ways. Sometimes it's just him. Depends.

Adragna is a pop music aficionado, and this shows through all of his records. His latest, "Adventureland", is a 10 song blast of up tempo rockers that, as he points out, "would be good music to go ride carnival rides to".

"Adventureland" was recorded by Adragna at Greenleaves Sound Recorders in Covington, Louisiana. The record was mixed by Matthew LeMay at A Question of Frequency in Portland, Oregon. Doug Krebs mastered the lp, and art coordination was handled by D. Lefty Parker. Adragna handles all the instrumentation except for keyboards (Liam Catchings), and additional vocals provided by Tammy Ealom (Dressy Bessy) and Jason Wacha.


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