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Smile Shoot Smile

by The Junior League

Released 2008
Greenleaves Sound
Released 2008
Greenleaves Sound
Pop, Power Pop, Rock

The Junior League is the child of New Orleans based multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Joe Adragna. Desirous of having a band name (but not the headaches of a band), Adragna started recording under the Junior League moniker in 2005, releasing the critically acclaimed debut Catchy the following year. That record garnered The Junior League a nomination in the category of "Best Emerging Artist" in New Orleans' Gambit Magazine's Big Easy Awards, and made offBeat Magazine's "Top 50 Louisiana cds of 2006" list.

His new release, SMILE SHOOT SMILE, delves deeper than the brash pop of Catchy without losing the strong melodic sense that made that record so well received. Here‘s what others have said about Adragna‘s Junior League and Catchy:

Mr. Adragna finds a newish path through the well-trod fields of pop/
rock. He claims influence from REM and The Monkees, and I believe it.
- Ink 19

“…for power-pop fiends—and hopeless romantics who deal with
rejection by rocking out—it will serve well. Adragna’s pop-rock
classicism, which makes the album everything the title promises
(especially on “This Is What We Are”) skitters eloquently between
jangle, garage revivalism and folky alt-pop.”
- offBeat

... a beautifully woven collection of luminous, melodic '60s-style pop
songcraft in the vein of the Revolver-era Beatles or Syd Barrett's Pink
Floyd with plenty of tambourines and handclaps.
- Gambit Weekly

When you title an album "Catchy", you're either being ironic or
confident. In the case of the Junior League (actually singer/songwriter/
multi-instrumentalist Joe Adragna), it's clearly the latter. Adragna has
crafted a fine disc of breakup and post-breakup songs in a power pop
setting that calls to mind many of the touchstones of the genre.
- Absolute Power Pop

The Junior League play tight, well-crafted, sunny pop in the vein of
the Beatles and the Monkees as well as their slightly more bitter,
tongue-in-cheek inheritors like '90s Britpop invaders Oasis and Blur.
There's also quite a bit of influence audible from angelic alt-country
brooders like Rhett Miller of the Old 97's. You'll hear plenty of sharp
turns of phrase cradling sentiments that are at the same time bitter,
wistful and romantic. But for the most part, it's just darn foot-tapping
- Gambit Weekly

"Catchy" could not be a more appropriate name. 12 String Jangle
Alert, too! The Junior League are for Major League power pop Fans of
Sloan, The Gripweeds, classic Lemonheads power pop, Big Star and
bands that have been influenced by Buffalo Springfield but are making
modern-day pop, The Junior League are IT.



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